World-first for Eenee Weenees™ nappy creator

World-first for Eenee Weenees™ nappy creator - Griffith Hack

23 March 2011

Sue Allison-Rogers has developed an Australian designed and produced, zero waste disposable nappy made from sustainable materials that is acceptable for commercial composting.

To date, no disposable nappy has been suitable for commercial composting because of non-biodegradable plastic components that contaminate the end compost. Commercial composters need and demand a clean ‘green’ waste stream and the new ‘Eenee Compostables’™ nappy is the first disposable nappy in the world to meet these requirements. After extensive testing by many commercial composters, Compost Australia has endorsed Eenee Compostables™ as being the first and only disposable nappy acceptable for commercial composting. This is a huge achievement!

Waste not, want not

Developed by Sue and her Tasmanian company, (Kuver Designs), with more than 20 years’ experience in the nappy industry, this revolutionary nappy is leading the way in the battle against the hundreds of billions of ‘plastic’
disposable nappies and incontinence pads that are used each year and end up as landfill.

Speaking of the Eenee Compostables™ nappy, Sue commented: “I have been waiting for the waste management industry to evolve and start providing commercial composting so that it would be feasible to bring a fully compostable nappy to the market. It is very exciting to finally see commercial composting become a reality in many of our states, and with the development of biodegradable waterproof biofilms made from sustainable materials, it has allowed me to develop my flushable/compostable Weenees™ pads into all in one disposables which are suitable for babies through to adults.”
Griffith Hack has been Sue’s Patent Attorneys for 20 years. During this period, Griffith Hack has provided IP advice, including preparing and lodging patent and design applications in Australia and overseas for a series of inventions and product designs made by Sue.

Global vision

Sue has a clear vision for technology development and commercialisation of products that she has invented or designed. Kuver Designs is a successful company that combines continuing research and development and commercialisation of products. Sue recognises that IP can be a useful commercial tool. Kuver Designs markets its Eenee Designs™ branded products in Australia, and overseas under a license arrangement. In particular, Sue’s licensees for overseas markets have been very successful in the US with one of her rebranded products – – and they are now launching into other overseas markets. Sue is a very inventive and lateral thinker with a clear commercial focus.

The future looks bright for the Eenee Compostables™ nappy with the product now being home delivered in Melbourne and collected for processing through an in-vessel commercial compost facility; Darebin Council converting some of their child care centers to use the more sustainable Eenee Compostables™ with the support of Sustainability Victoria – this initiative winning a ‘Keep Australia Beautiful and Sustainable Cities’ award; and Coffs Harbour Council approving the Eenee Compostables™ for disposal through their weekly household organic waste collection service.

The latest breakthrough has been with the Lismore City Council, which is very proactive in encouraging sustainability having recently launched its new eco store to supply residents with more sustainable products to purchase. The only disposable nappy Lismore Council offer for sale to be included in household organics collections are the Eenee Compostables™, which
is the only nappy that passed testing in its commercial composting facility.

For further details on Eenee Compostables, please see, or contact Sue Allison-Rogers at