Clean Technology grants a boon for manufacturers

Clean Technology grants a boon for manufacturers - Griffith Hack

23 April 2012

In February this year, the Australian Federal Government launched an AUD$1 billion competitive grants program, aimed at helping manufacturers reduce their economic exposure in the new carbon based economy. Under the new Clean Tech grants, manufacturers are encouraged to apply for funding to acquire new plant and equipment capable of contributing to
reduced energy or reduced carbon emissions. With so much money available, find out how your business could get a slice of the AUD$1 billion pie.

Grants for project funding start at $25,000 and, unlike previous infrastructure and capital acquisition grants, there is no upper limit.

What you need to know

Applications are now open for:
  • The Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program, which provides AUD$200 million in grants for businesses in the food and foundry manufacturing sectors
  • The Clean Technology Investment Program, which provides AUD$800 million in grants for all other Australian businesses undertaking manufacturing activities.

Under the programs, manufacturers can apply for grants to fund investment in:
  • Replacing or modifying existing manufacturing plant, equipment or processes
  • Establishing or modifying facilities to manufacture new low emissions products
  • Changing energy sources for new or existing plant or processes.

Grants for project funding start at AUD$25,000 and, unlike many previous infrastructure and capital acquisition grants, there is no upper limit. Given the amount of money available and the range of activities and projects covered by the grant, this provides businesses with a significant opportunity to replace or upgrade aged, unreliable or inefficient manufacturing equipment or processes with more technologically and economically efficient plant and equipment, capable of both enhancing productivity and aiding business to manage their economic effectiveness in a new carbon challenged economy.

Successful applicants may also be eligible for funding to conduct preparatory work, energy audits, bench tests or pilot studies, plant and equipment, labour and non-labour commissioning costs (for example, energy or water consumption during trials) and contract costs for services provided by third parties (including technical expertise and staff training).

How to get your share

Griffith Hack Consulting has significant experience in assisting manufacturing businesses to successfully obtain Government grants and incentives in order to fund a wide range of projects and ventures. In conjunction with our clean technology and manufacturing technology experts, Griffith Hack Consulting can assist applicants prepare the most competitive grant applications and, via its strong relationship with AusIndustry personnel involved in the evaluation process, can enhance the potential success of grant applications. Our highly technical personnel, coupled with our strong documentation collation and analysis skills place applicants in a highly competitive position with respect to this merit-based grant program.

If you are interested in applying for the benefits associated with this new AUD$1 billion grants program, please contact:

Tracey Murray, Director, Griffith Hack Consulting
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David Mason, Director, Griffith Hack Consulting
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